The Benefits Of Home CCTV

A CCTV camera watches this window as an intruder thinks twice about breaking in.

Protection of your property is one of the most important things you can do as a homeowner. There are numerous different electrical security systems that can be used to mitigate or put a stop to unwanted behaviour and criminal activity but one of the most popular and affordable methods is to install a home CCTV system to increase your level of security. CCTV has long been a tried and tested solution for deterring crime.

CCTV has over the years evolved to become extremely portable and highly functional.

We can help you set up a wireless CCTV package that works with your smartphone. All you have to do is press record and sit back!


Many homes and premises have burglar alarms or other types of intruder detection systems that operate solely on just sound, through loud alerts or sirens. While this essentially raises the alarm to adjacent premises and nearby people there is no real-time monitoring in place to be able to catch unwanted activity. Faulty electrics in such systems can also lead to false alarms.

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television and is a popular type of video recording system that is used in a number of applications and environments - including the protection of your home. Several wired or wireless cameras are setup and linked to a recorder to track events in real time as they happen. They can operate standalone and silently with their own mechanism of notifying users of activity or they can be electrically wired into an existing security system to raise the alarm based on motion detection events.

There are many benefits to utilising CCTV across your property. With pre-planned attacks and burglaries on the rise you need a system that can capture clear, quality call recordings. As these types of systems have evolved, thankfully so has the picture and recording quality. You are no longer limited to grainy, black and white images as most CCTV recordings are now shot in full 1080p definition which can make it easier to identify culprits that are behind any suspicious activity. The advance of wireless technology means that these systems can communicate over the air with less cabling required. Further pairing with an application and a home network enables remote monitoring from anywhere at anytime.

Your One Stop Shop For CCTV

Thinking of getting a CCTV system installed on your premises? At Marshall Electrical Services we can help you get protected in matter of minutes. We know from our years of experience that these systems are becoming more and more the norm to protect homes and the workplace. That is why we work very closely with some of the top leading CCTV manufacturers up and down the country to offer a wide range of wired and wireless CCTV and surveillance kits complete with remote recording capabilities. Whether it is a wired or wireless solution you are after we have years of experience wiring up and installing these kits. 

Our engineers and installation team are available to discuss your requirements today, so get in touch or call 01535 668775 to see how we can help you!

The Benefits Of Home CCTV
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