Compact CCTV Solutions For Your Premises

CCTV systems are becoming ever more technologically advanced to keep up with the level of sophistication found in crime and anti-social behaviour. While the way in which your assets are monitored and safeguarded changes, the principle remains the same. Marshall Electrical Services Ltd can get a complete bespoke CCTV solution setup in your domestic or commercial premises enabling you to monitor your connection from anywhere around the world, right from the palm of your hand.

Our monitoring equipment comes with a variety of features, such as night vision recording, motion detection alerts, enhanced optical zoom and looped recording. The CCTV we provide also integrates and co-operates with other security systems you might have such as automatic shutter systems and burglar alarms. In addition we can offer 24/7 troubleshooting support on your devices and setup, meaning that if there is an issue causing surveillance downtime we can available onsite or remote to get your problem fixed in little to no time. Our highly trained engineers have the best tools at their disposal to assist.

Marshall Electrical Services understand the paramount importance of security in today's dynamic environment. Whether you're a homeowner, a small business owner, or a corporate entity, safeguarding your premises is always a non-negotiable. We can offer solutions that give you 24/7 peace of mind.

Our CCTV services include a FREE consultation and site survey of your premises to determine where the best place to install cameras will be. We will then ask if you would like a custom design and setup installing or if you need extra devices integrating into an existing system. If you would then like to proceed with installation and setup, we will send out one of our highly trained engineers to get the job done. We can also advise on whether you need remote monitoring integrated so you always have access to your security feeds. We will also discuss any post installation aftercare maintenance and servicing.

Don't compromise on the safety of your property and assets. Partner with Marshall Electrical Services a comprehensive and well planned CCTV solution that you can trust. Your peace of mind is our priority - contact us today on 01535 668775.