5 Electrical Improvements For Your Home

Replacing your electrical sockets and fixtures is just one of the many things we can help you with in your home.

Are you looking to spice up your home with new electrical improvements and breath new life into your rooms? Do you want to start saving on electricity bills? There are many different options to consider which will make your home look the part when showing off to family and friends and help you save a bit of money in the process. However you may not know where to begin and such projects might feel daunting to carry out on your own. In this article we will look at 5 electrical improvements that can help bring a refreshed look to any home with the help of a qualified electrical contractor.

New Light Fixtures And Dimmable Lighting

When it comes to interior room design, lighting is a key aspect of that design and plays an important part in defining how spacious a room is. Traditional lighting if placed incorrectly can have the wrong presentation on a room, with some areas brightly lit up and others hidden in dark spots and areas that are not usually visible. By having lighting that is more centralised and focused on key points inside the room and with a dimmer control, you can introduce different levels of ambience and mood. Having contrasting light fixtures that don't blend into the background can also serve as good décor. Replacing the light fixtures can be done on your own if you have the right tools and correct protective equipment but if you are looking to reposition main lighting, this might require additional re-wiring on your existing circuit or a circuit might have to be expanded. A fully qualified professional electrical contractor will be able to help you out with the rewiring saving you time and potential accidents from occurring.

New Appliances

Your kitchen might be a very unique and special room to show off but the appliances that feature within or alongside your cabinets and worktops might appear outdated and aged. Hob tops, oven cookers and integrated microwaves will all eventually succumb to electrical faults that can have an impact on the way food is cooked. Likewise with cleaning appliances such as washing machines and laundry dryers, problems with electrics can result in abnormal washing and drying cycles. Making sure the electrics are properly maintained and wired can help prevent faults from arising in the long-term and will ensure that your appliances have an increased life span. It can be difficult to install larger appliances on your own so seeking out a professional electrical contractor for help will ensure that your appliance is installed professionally.

Ceiling And Extractor Fan Systems.

During the summer season, rooms in your home can heat up and require cooling. Likewise when you are cooking food excess steam can build up in your kitchen and potentially cause damage to cabinets and walls. The solution? Ceiling or extractor fans to rid the excess moisture that is in the air. These systems usually require power that can be obtained from a lighting source. Wiring this up to an existing lighting system requires great care to be taken, as additional wiring has to be integrated onto the system. Poor connection, no earthing or the wrong type of wiring can cause potential issues with the rest of your lighting system so it is best to seek advice from a fully qualified electrical contractor who will be able to safely wire your fan units into the system. They can be configured to work independently on their own switch or fixture, or can be triggered to operate when an existing light fixture is switched.

Breaker Box Maintenance

If you spot signs of faults with your connections, the first place to troubleshoot would be the breaker box that is installed in your property. Usually located in either a utility room, a garage or a basement, these devices act as a safeguard to prevent overloaded circuits from causing potential damage to your property such as electrical fires. When too much current passes through the circuit a special break switch trips, isolating that part of that circuit. From time to time these trip boxes can have switches that are faulty and need replacing. Sometimes the entire unit will need reconfiguring or even replacing. While it is possible to do these on your own, it is strongly advised that they are seen to by a professional electrical contractor. Buzzing noises and improper replacement of these boxes can cause potentially major problems with your electricity. Flickering and overloading can if left unchecked damage the wiring beyond repair and can cause electrical fires.

Smoke Detectors And Burglar Alarm Systems

To detect fires and intruders there are various types of detectors and alarm systems on the market. These usually require their own supply of power and extensive rewiring or additional wiring might be needed if new detectors or housing units are to be put up. In addition to the units, there is also the alarm system, which will need to draw from an additional supply of power. Getting in touch with a professional electrical contractor will allow you to get systems like this installed without any faults or issues.

Looking For A Reliable Electrical Contractor?

If you require electrical work in your home, why not give our friendly team a call on 01535 600465 or drop us a message and we will be in touch to discuss your project requirements. We have over 15 years experience in designing supplying and installing a variety of electrical improvements and systems for residential properties.

5 Electrical Improvements For Your Home
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