EV Chargers – Electrifying The Future

A row of EV charging points.

The ownership of electric vehicles is rapidly on the rise thanks to advances in electric battery technology. As households and businesses move towards a cleaner and more sustainable future by reducing their carbon footprint, we take a look at the benefits of having one or more EV chargers installed at your premises.

Thanks to increases in battery technology, electric vehicles are now more popular than ever.

What Is An EV Charger?

Like traditional road vehicles, electric variants require power to operate and this comes in the form of direct electricity. This is achieved with an EV, or electric vehicle, charging point. An EV charging point can range in size and shape and comes with a long EV charging cable and a large end point socket, which interfaces directly with the charging port on your electric vehicle. The charging point itself is connected to your electricity mains supply and is usually positioned close to the location of your vehicle for convenience. This is usually at the end of a parking space or driveway although some points are affixed to a property wall for ease of use and management/maintenance and to protect from the elements of the weather.

The Benefits Of Having An EV Charger

With an EV charger comes a variety of benefits, both financially and environmentally.

They Are Cost Effective

Once you have agreed to having an EV charger installed there are a number of special EV friendly tariffs offered by energy suppliers that can over a period of time can help provide lower charging costs than using public charging points. This can help you save the pounds and some suppliers even offer cashback incentives and rewards to help reduce your overall energy costs and bills.

They Are Eco Friendly

Electric vehicles are already making a name for themselves in being environmentally friendly and sustainable on the road but having a charging point at your premises takes that one step further. The energy that is supplied is 100% renewable and comes from sources like wind and hydro electric power.

They Can Charge Quickly

When it comes to the actual charging of your electric vehicle, the current required is greater than that of a standard 3 pin socket. Thanks to advancements in both battery and charging technology, nearly all electric vehicles can charge to full power overnight and can hold a substantial range for commuting meaning that you will always have a charge in most scenarios and can also have peace of mind topping up right from the comfort of your home or business. You will never have to worry about running out of juice and being late for an important meeting or occasion. As you have one conveniently nearby you also won't have to go on a journey to finding a public charging point.

There Is Assured Quality

EV charging points come with assured quality meaning that they are built to last for a very long time and withstand a variety of conditions and stresses. It is not unusual to have an EV charging point installed inside your garage however most are generally installed outside and are therefore open to the surrounding environment. Tamper proof mechanisms are also present to prevent anyone from using the point for their own benefits. Any faults that develop in the charging unit or with the accessories like the charging cable are backed up by a warranty too, meaning that you won't have to fork out on expensive replacement parts and spares.

I'm Looking To Install An EV Charger

If you own one or more electric vehicles and don't want to take a trip around your area to find the nearest charging point, why not get one installed and save time and effort. Marshall Electrical Services have a friendly team who have the experience to be able to get your EV Charging point set up in no time. We can provide you with a free, no-obligation, no-hassle survey and quote and sit down with you to discuss your requirements from the positioning of the charging point to the length of the cable and charging power. Get in touch here with the team or alternatively you can give us a call on 01535 668775 today!

EV Chargers – Electrifying The Future
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