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Having a data and fibre installation is now considered a necessity in the world of communication. For centuries, data has been the lifeblood of businesses. It comes in a wide number of formats that can provide powerful analytics and insights into how a business is performing and operating. Over hundreds of years, paper-based systems have been a way of archiving valuable information on company assets, finances and much more. While these systems might still be in use in a small niche of businesses, they are now overshadowed by digital alternatives. They have become difficult to maintain and have proven costly to secure and administer. We are now living in a golden era of digital technology and innovation and in this landscape powerful network infrastructures rule the roost and help deliver results in a fraction of the time and cost. Why? This comes down to the cabling that is used in such setups.

The veins of a network infrastructure are data or fibre cabling. As this type of technology gets better and better it might be worthwhile for your business to invest in new cabling to provide a more efficient and faster way of managing data communication and transfer over your network. Fibre cabling is becoming the norm and there are many benefits to doing this, some of which we will explore in the post below.

Superfast Internet Can Be Setup

An immediate advantage of a data and fibre installation are the incredible speeds that it can provide. the older and more traditional copper-based infrastructure has not got enough throughput to compete with fibre optics. This is a perfect environment to deploy superfast Internet. If your business is sending large amounts of data over your network and you have several devices sharing a copper-based infrastructure you may experience delays in speed and transfer. Tasks such as online conference calls and meetings as well as large file uploads to a server can quickly become time consuming and unproductive. If the network experiences downtime it can sometimes take longer to diagnose, repair and get back online. With fibre cabling and a good broadband package you can mitigate the amount of downtime, allocate more resources and equipment to your network, increase productivity and ultimately serve your customers better.

Data And Fibre Installations Are Reliable

Data and fibre installations have excellent reliability and are less susceptible to interference. This makes them perfect for devices that require an always connected state such as servers, business phones and much more.

Scalability And Security

As your business operations expand, so does your need to increase the load on your network. With this in mind, fibre installations are incredibly scalable allowing you to have more than one paired networks making it ideal for large or multi office setups. As more and more data is pushed through the capacity will increase but there should be adequate transfer throughput to be able to handle this. Even better is that little to no infrastructure change is needed if expansion is a requirement. Due to the build of fibre it is very secure, meaning that there is little disruption to service. It is immune to EMI disturbances and is difficult to hack into - if a hacking attempt does occur it can be picked up dealt with quickly.

Opening The Door To The Cloud

Fibre infrastructure can seamlessly integrate and work well with cloud-based applications and services. There has been a steady rise in popularity for such tools because of their ability to enable hybrid working and provide increased levels of productivity to customers. Having a reliable data and fiber installation is crucial. It allows for seamless integration with cloud platforms, enabling your employees to access critical business data from anywhere, anytime.

Improved VoIP Services

Many businesses now rely on VoIP communications to deal with their customers or clients. This is especially important in scenarios where clear objectives and goals need to be addressed. Fibre infrastructure guarantees clear, high-quality voice and video services, which can make the communication experience between various parties pleasant and interruption free

Competitive Edge Over Business Rivals

In the digital age, competition between businesses is extremely dynamic and fast-paced. By having superior data and fibre infrastructure in place, customers are far more likely to engage with your business because you are able to deliver faster and more reliable services and support when they need it.

Save The Pounds And Pennies

The initial cost and setup fees for fibre infrastructure and cabling might be higher than traditional options but thanks to the reduced energy consumption and energy rating the long-term savings can be highly substantial. Furthermore, with less downtime and the ability to group and bundle services into packages, this can provide a significant return on investment.


Data transfer technology is ever improving and evolving. Innovations in fibre capacity are rapidly changing so by having a fibre infrastructure in place, your business is futureproofed for many years to come until providers start to offer lines and packages that match the throughput of the cablingYour business will then be able to adapt to new requirements and cope with higher demand and levels of traffic.


The nature of fibre optics means that they require less energy to transmit data to devices, peripherals and other connections. By choosing such an infrastructure you are reducing your carbon footprint and are contributing to a greener environment.

Global Connectivity

If you are looking to take your business to the next level and join the global stage then it is very important that you have a robust connection that can facilitate communication across the continents and with your business partners around the globe. By having a strong data and fibre infrastructure in place you can have peace of mind when you come to expand your reach with having to worry about connectivity concerns.

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if you are looking to invest in the next generation of infrastructure and propel your business to new heights, it's time to make the switch to a data and fibre installation. Marshall Electrical Services is your number one stop for such enquiries. Our team have plenty of experience working in the network installations sector. We are fully certified as Excel Cable Partners for both fibre and copper installation and can provide 25 years warranty on all our products installed. Our friendly installation team are available to answer any questions or take any requirements you may have. So why not get in touch with us today either by filling out or form, or by calling 01535 668775 to get your free quote!

Data And Fibre Installation – Supercharge Your Business
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